Usages: Used as an Animal Feed Supplement for Poultry.
Composition: Each gram contains: Pepsin: 50 Mg Pancreatin: 100 Mg Lipase: 10 Mg Cellulase: 20 Mg Concentrated Enzymes: Q.S Benefits:
1) Nutrients in the feed utilized perfectly and completely. 2) Ammonia formation in the gut is minimized  3) Increasing the digestibility of fiber components and rendering the nutrients more available for digestion, thereby reducing the manure output. 4) Reducing the affects of anti nutritional factors like tannins, saponins and goitrogen. 5) Exploring the genetic potentiality of the bird, so as to enable them to take more quantity of teed to achieve maximum growth and production. 6) Reducing the early mortality due to the problems associated with harmful moulds and aflatoxin in poultry feeds. . 7) Reducing environmental pollution by reducing nutrient excretion particularly excess phospliorus, nitrogen, copper and zinc. 8) Reduces wet droppings. 9) Birds become very healthy and active.
Dosage: Poultry Feed: 500 gms. / ton of feed. Continuously (or) as advised by a poultry consultant.
Packing: 25 kg Bag.